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Ministry 7.8 Hz 

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The Dynasty of Ministry
7.8 Hz

Creative Gene Spark Technology

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Before time began there was........well not much really but as matter exists on a frequency sounds, noise and especially music are very important to maintaining balance in the universe!

However we were given a gift....the Creative Gene Spark. Man learned to make noise, sounds and eventually music but then the gene spark took full effect and created the being known only as Alexicon, a descendant of the Muldimestrox....his purpose on earth..... to inspire creativity and destroy negativity. 

Over time other descendants have come forth to become partners in rhyme and help maintain the balance. The Ministry family began in about 1996 and is growing in strength and numbers so expect new and experimental things for the future of Bristol sound and visual artistry!

Vallian The White Knight is a champion amongst mortals. Half Celt, Half crazy latino he will leave MC's with a severe case of slack jaw.

6 Kills is the third member, silent, mysterious and deadly. The only time you see the face, it will likely be your last!

The Kraftsman is returning to the Ministry so watch out for some old school inspiration from the mind of another Ministry hero.

Ez Killa flows so easy and is ready to burst from the darkness like the alien in the chest of John Hurt giving the world the special techniques of the Creative Gene Spark.

We are competent and have a good clan to make a break in the game though always looking to help and inspire other new artists.  If you need a little help, advice or production help feel free to contact us at

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